MX340G - Special mold for sheet forming

By Walter Alfredo Barreto

The MX340 hydraulic punching machine, one of the most versatile machines we manufacture, is responsible for forming metal sheet parts with different shapes that will later be sold as a souvenir.
The architect of this project is Mr. Walter Alfredo Barreto, owner of a workshop in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. This experienced craftsman has found in the MX340 the necessary tool to manufacture these souvenirs that he has designed himself. Putting his ingenuity to work and with the support of his experience, he has designed and manufactured some tooling that can be attached to his punching machine, to shape each of his designs.
Alfredo Barreto
Tel. 0034-676374214

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Embedded thumbnail for MX340G - Custom made special punches
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Embedded thumbnail for MX340G - Special tool for shaping round ends on flat bars
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Embedded thumbnail for MX340G - Die for cutting rea
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Embedded thumbnail for MX340G - Bend handrail on its edged side
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