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Gas Forges

Gas Forges H4

Furnace for Artistic Forging H4 NARGESA, fabricated with four burners to heat up iron  and allow its moulding, bending, piercing , welding and treatment...

Gas Forges H2

Furnace for Artistic Forging H2 NARGESA, fabricated with two burners to heat up iron  and allow its moulding, bending, piercing, welding and treatment...

Gas forge H1

NEW Furnace for the Artistic Forging Nargesa H1, MORE EFFICIENT, SAFER and 100% RESPECTFUL WITH THE ENVIRONMENT. The Furnace is equipped with one burner to heat the iron and work it: molding, bending, piercing, welding, tempering, forging, shoeing horses...

The NEW Nargesa forge furnaces H1, H2 and H3 have been designed to heat irons. SAFER, MORE EFFICIENT and 100% RESPECTFUL WITH THE ENVIRONMENT.

Nargesa propane forging furnaces are used in ornamental forge blacksmiths shops or smithies to heat the iron, until it is malleable so it could be molded to achieve the desired shapes, work the ends of the rods, make horseshoes, knives, swords, axes, all kinds of pieces of artistic forge, iron sculptures and wrought iron decoration, iron garden furniture, wrought iron chairs, wrought iron tables... They are a good substitute for the old Forge, much cleaner, faster and more efficient.