About Nargesa

PRADA NARGESA S.L. is a family company founded in 1970, located near Barcelone, Spain with more than 40 years experience in the branch of manufacturing industrial machinery: Profile formers, Hydraulic Punching machines, Forging Machines; propane furnaces, Hydraulic Press brakes, Shears, Broaching machines, Weld Positioners, etc. All our range of machines and accessories are completely manufactured at NARGESA. We have 8.000m2 facilities and a regular stock of 400 machines. We count on more than 6.000 customers and more than 12.000 machines sold all over the world. Nowadays we are exporting to Europe: Portugal, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, ...America and Latinamerica: USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador… In Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Gabon, South Africa, Guinea…In Asia and Middle East: Irán, Bahrain, Brunei, United Arab Emirates…

Nargesa is a symbol of Quality, Reliability, Guaranty and Innovation: 
* All our products are made with electrical and hydraulic components of the best European trademarks.
*  Production is made under stric quality regulations. All machines are meticulously tested befoe delivery.
* All Nargesa machines are according to the current safety rules and arte provided with its corresponding certificate.
3 years Guaranty, Strong and reliable machines.
* Nargesa has got its own R+D which guarantees a steady evolution and improvement. Every year new products are launched  into market as a result of our feedback from our customers' experience.
Collaboration with The Spanish Institute for External Commerce  ICEX.
* Member and cofounder partner  of the foundation for the promotion of jobs.
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We guarantee safe, fast and efficient transport.