Horizontal Press Brakes

The versatility of the 20 Tons, Horizontal Press Brake NARGESA PP200  allows us to bend, fold, bend, cut, form, enlarge and reduce flaring, swaging, assembling ... all kinds of metal materials such as iron, steel, stainless, copper, brass, aluminum etc ... Its simplicity when it comes to work and its easy handling so users can adapt their forming dies make this Horizontal Press machine to be indispensable in any kind of business from small workshops to large companies.

Horizontal press brake PP200

The versatility of the 20 Tons Horizontal Press Brake NARGESA PP200 allows us to bend, fold, cut and shape in cold, stretch and reduce, inlay, notch and assemble...

We bought a section bending machine MC200 and a twisting & scrolling machine MT150A and we are really satisfy with them. Their ...
INDIA - Mr Sanjay Jain. Hans Design Director.

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