We expand our range of rollers for the cold embossing machine NOA60


Technical team at Nargesa continues to work to expand the range of rollers that our customers can choose for the cold embossing machine NOA60. As the latest news we have incorporated a new roller to emboss flat bar which simulates the hammering and also new  sectioned rollers to emboss pipe in metric and inches sizes.
Our engineers have focused their attention on designing a multi-size roller that allows the operator to record different dimensions of tube with the same set of rollers. This has been possible thanks to some sets of washers he could combine quickly and easily achieve the desire result. It will not be necessary to purchase a set of rollers for each size since, in this way, the rollers are adapted to each pipe size.
We are very pleased to offer this product to our customers, it will enable them to make sure plenty of work with minimal investment.

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