From the moment our clients buy their first machine Nargesa, it begins a professional link between them and the sales assistant assigned to his project. This is a reciprocal relationship since both parties get what they need: the customer has got a whole team of technicians available for any query and  who advises and supports him at all times and we obtain firsthand information on work processes and spare parts made with the equipment Which we manufacture. On several occasions, our customers send us photographs of the works they produce, authentic wonders!!
Mr. Donald Dupuis of Quebec (Canada) is one of these regular customers who have been steadily sending us, pictures and updates material about the jobs made by using our Nargesa machines, keeping regular communication with Juana Rosa, who has been dealing with his project from the very first time he contacted us. In his workshop, Les Forges du Roi, he manufactures all kinds of metal parts: railings, bars, furniture, decorative elements, advertising media and much more. These excellent jobs has been made with the Nargesa machinery that Mr. Dupuis has got in his blacksmith workshop: the MC400 tube and profile bender, the MT500A cold forging and twisting machine, the hot forging machine NF70 and the hydraulic punching machine MX700.
We wish Mr. Dupuis to keep on having a great success in his projects and to continue to share them with us!
At Nargesa, we are always proud to feel connected to our customers!!!


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