We’ve welcomed Mr. Denis Voronovich in our facilities. He’s the CEO of the company Dewmark, from Moscow, Russia. His trip to our plant was basically addressed to see, in situ, the processes of manufacturing of the industrial machinery Nargesa, its operation and also to personally get to meet our team of technicians and sales staff he has been dealing with since he first contacted us.
We are feel grateful to see how the interest in our Nargesa brand keeps on increasing within the Russian market and proportionally the number of visitors from this country to out our offices, in order to receive the training for handling the equipment we manufacture. This training is essential in the case of dealers, who return to their headquarters with the proper knowledge and necessary skills to effectively assist their customers.
We are thankful for this visit and we will continue to work  for the strengthening of the commercial path we’re creating with this powerful country.

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Nous avons acheté chez Nargesa  en 2013, une cisaille CNC C3006, une presse plieuse MP3003 CNC, une poinçonneuse hydraulique M700, et...
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