We have recently welcomed in our facilities one of the distributors of our forging industrial machinery in Egypt Mr. Tamer Agha from the Company Cooperative Association for Productivity and Road Construction Work. He has come to receive a Training for the use of all Nargesa’s machines he distributes in his country. He was particularly interested in the functioning of the Automatic Twisting machine MT150A for cold forging, Wrought end forging machine NF70, horizontal bending press PP200, the pipes and profiles bending machine MC400 and power hammer MP60. Besides showing his skills at handling the machines we have in our Show Room, he visited our R &D department where we let him see the new projects we are working on, two new models of pipes and profiles  bending machines and one embossing machine for cold steel. We hope Mr Agha has enjoyed this experience and we also hope it has been useful as a support so he can offer a better service to his customers.

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