"One machine sell the next one"

Metaltools was founded in 2010 with the aim of marketing machines and tools for the metalworking industry. Our challenge was to be inserted into the highly competitive national market so in order to yield that, we should offer quality, service, support and good procedence.

Since then we have sold bending machines, punching machines, twisting machines, press brakes and shears from Nargesa brand in various cities of our country. It has been a mutual collaboration with the factory and we are always willing to meet our customers’ needs and so we count on Narghesa’s unconditional support and backup, which has made our customers satisfied and sure of their increasing competitiveness.

"One machine sell the next one" since during the selling process, customers are invited to know well the performance of our machines and have the opportunity to confirm it with those ones who have already bought them, also confirming the quality and support received from both Nargesa and Metaltools.

We have been increasing our sales and we want to move a lot more forward to be nationally recognized in the industrial sector of the metal sheet. Therefore we are taking part in the two main fairs of our country, Bogota International Fair and Expo metal in Medellin City.
La verdad bastante contentos con la maquina que adquirimos, desde los primeros contactos para la compra, hasta ahora que ya estamos ...
PERÚ - Jose Perez Saldaña. Gerente de S.G. Metalcar E.I.R.L.
We guarantee safe, fast and efficient transport.