The bond that binds us to our customers does not end when they receive their Nargesa machine at their workshop, it goes beyond! They have our assistance to ask any inquiry that might arise, not only of regarding the performance of the machine, but also about how to manufacture  specific parts, materials, working methods, and a long etc…
Many times  they reward us for this assistance by providing us their opinions about their excellent work and they send us photographs and videos, as  proof of their talent.
On this occasion, from the company Harkat Metal of Algeria, they sent us a different of images that show the scope of their fascinating work. These pieces are mass-produced  with the Nargesa machines that they have equipped their workshop with: In the section of cold forging they have a Horizontal Press Brake PP200, a Twisting and forging machine MT500A and a pipe and section bending machine MC400. In the section of ornamental  hot forge they count on one Forge furnace H2, two wrought end forming machines NF70 and PC16 and one power hammer MP50.
We are really proud to confirm that putting together the creativity and skillfulness of these professionals along with the reliability and efficiency of our Nargesa machines, the result goes beyond the limits!!

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“We found that machine we bought ( Nargesa MC400-9) fulfill quality demand for our products...
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