In many cases, the works ordered by our customers need a special tooling to manufacture a specific type of pieces such as: shelf supports for supermarkets, railings, metallic fence caps, greenhouse hooks, engine compensators ... a long list of special parts that require a non-standard tool to be able to make them.
The MX700 hydraulic punching machine is the ideal choice for manufacturing these special parts. The main advantage of this versatile, 70 tons hydraulic press, is that it allows the fitting of countless dies, which are designed and manufactured by the user’s trusted tool makers or even by  the same engineers or operators that handle it, according to their needs. Another advantage of this press is the fast and easy setup of any type of tooling.
The possibilities offered by this machine, similar to an eccentric press or mechanical press, are almost unlimited since it has been especially designed to face new challenges of production at the day by day work.

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URUGUAY - Ernesto Briozzo. Director de Herreros Unidos S.A.
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