The National University of San Agustín de Arequipa (Peru) has recently bought three of the equipment we manufacture to its Faculty of Process Engineering. These machines, heavy duty ones and great capacity within their category, will be used to train the future experts who are now in the learning phase. These students are trained to be full professionals with the ability to be part of work teams, lead group projects and put into practice a high analytical and creative capacity. These skills make out of them committed professionals and promoters of the country's development.
As part of the Nargesa training service, one of our engineers went to this School to qualify the teachers that will use these machines: the hydraulic guillotine C3006, the hydraulic press brake MP3003CNC and the hydraulic section bending machine MC650 .
This instruction has been especially valuable for both parties since we have shared knowledge, we’ve focused on more pedagogical aspects and we have indeed collaborated in the development and reinforcement of an efficient and decisive learning methodology. We are really grateful for the treatment they have given us and the experiences we have shared!


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