One of our clients in Ivory Coast contacted the authorized Nargesa dealer in his area, Mr. Yao Sylvain Kouakou, to share with him his growth project. It is a matter of forming specific parts for the fabrication of extensible gates for doors and school desks, which until now, was carried out handmade. This challenging project implies the incorporation of industrial machinery into the production process of this workshop and he has relied on our brand to develop this new upgrade.
Mr. Kouakou, with the support of our technical department, has carefully studied all the operations to be carried out and opted for the PP200 Horizontal Folding Press as the best option for the customer.
Adapting three tools to the machine, one to punch plate, another to cut and hole flat bars and another to bend tube at different angles, it all streamlines the production process of these pieces and gives them an accuracy that was not possible with the manual process.
We are proud to be able to participate in the growth of our customers' businesses and we hold on to the promise to be here whenever they decide to count on us to incorporate new machinery into their workshops.
Once again, the everlasting give and taking premise, has shown that where there’s a will, there’s a way!!

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We bought Nargesa MT 150,A. it s a great machine with lot of quality tool and we use it in our production. In one word, good , effective and...
CROATIA - Mr Dominik Tkalec. JVM Metalik Director.
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