Broaching Machines

The Hydraulic Broaching machine BM25 NARGESA is an equipment to make notches and slots or keyways in all kinds of pieces: Sprockets, pulleys, gears, etc... it is thought for small and medium productions,  it is characterized by its great versatility, reliability, easy handling and fast setting up.

Vertical Broaching Machines BM25

The Hydraulic Broaching machines BM25 NARGESA is a machine to make notches or keyways in all kind of pieces: sprockets, pulleys, gears, bearings, etc...

Desde hace más de 3 años, nuestra empresa emplea maquinaria Nargesa para los procesos de corte, plegado y troquelado del metal. Los ...
COSTA RICA - Sr Carlos Fantini. Gerente de Producción, Amoblamientos Fantini S.A.

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