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PRADA NARGESA is a family company founded in 1970, located near Barcelone, Spain with more than 40 years experience  in the branch of manufacturing industrial machinery: Profile formers, Hydraulic Punching machines, Forging Machines; propane furnaces, Hydraulic Press brakes, Shears, Broaching machines, Weld Positioners, etc. All our range of machines and accessories are completely manufactured at NARGESA. We have 8.000m2 facilities and a regular stock of 400 machines. We count on more than 6.000 customers and more than 12.000 machines sold all over the world.  Nowadays we are exporting to Europe: Portugal, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, ...America and Latinamerica: USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador…In Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia,  Gabon, South Africa, Guinea…In Asia and Middle East: Bahrain, Brunei, United Arab Emirates…
  Nargesa is a symbol of Quality, Reliability, Guaranty and Innovation: 

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Contact us +34 972568085
" We have been using the Nargesa MC200 H bending machine for pipe bending projects. I've found the machine through the internet, and when I got contact with Nargesa, they were very helpful,and the communication was very easy. I got all the details that I needed. After ordering my machine, Everything happend as they described before. And finally, the machine arrived on the ..."

Peter Rakoczi. Peter Rakoczi entrepreneur owner

We guarantee safe, fast  and efficient transport.