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In our desire to offer a real and effective service to our clients, we propose some manufacturing options that can open up new business opportunities.
We have received several inquiries about the manufacture of greenhouses lately. As many countries are expanding their aid schemes for their installation, farmers have spotted a good opportunity since the demand for the manufacture of these structures has increased.
To provide a viable proposal to our clients, Nargesa's technical department has proposed several options for the serial production of these greenhouses.
In this video we show the processes to manufacture these pieces and how to  put them together with minimal operations. First we will cut the sections of tube necessary to form the pieces. We will use 60 millimeter steel tube to make the legs, in the first operation we will make two parallel punching at the ends of the tube with the MX340G Punching Machine. Next, we will manufacture the crossbars in two operations with the same hydraulic press, first we will smash the two ends and then we will punch them in a semi-circular shape and punch them. To form the pieces that will join this skeleton, we reduce the ends of the tubes with the PP200 Horizontal Press Brake, so we can assemble them. Then we made a 60 degree bend with the non-mandrel CC90 tube bending machine and finished punching the ends with the MX340G Hydraulic Punching Machine. To fix the crossbars we will use three types of clamps. With the MX340G Punching Shear we will cut the handrails in a half moon shaped and then we will shape the flanges with the PP200 Horizontal Press Brake.
Using only three machines we can carry out the eight processes necessary to make up all the six pieces of this structure in series. This is possible thanks to the great versatility and multi-functionality of Nargesa machinery, which enables to carry out endless operations with a simple tool change.
We will continue to present new options to our clients in all those jobs that require our experience, expertise and knowledge of the machinery and its several possibilities.

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