Mr. Liviu Dumitrescu, the  owner of the Metalinox Weld company in Romania, has visited us for the second time.
On his first visit, Mr. Dumitrescu bought three of our Nargesa cold forging machines: one MC400 profile bending machine, one PP200 horizontal press brake and one MT150A forging machine. Two years later, with his workshop at full capacity, he is visiting us again focusing his attention on hot forging machines. With the acquisition of these new equipment, he considerably expands the services he can offer to his customers, including the manufacture of ornamental hot forging pieces.
We sincerely appreciate his visit and we wish him plenty of success in his new project.
This is his testimony: "Hello friends! My name is Liviu Dumitrescu, administrator of Metalinox Weld in Alexandria. I'm visiting the  Nargesa facilities in Spain, where I came to see and buy some of their machines. It's the second time I've come to this factory and I am very happy with what I have bought 2 years ago, so I came this year to buy another 4 machines"


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