We are vglad for having welcomed Mr. Kamal Aidaoui in our facilities, to see the performance of our section bending machine MC200 Hydraulic, MT500A twisting machine and hot forging machines PC16 and NF70, which he has recently bought from us with the financial support of the Government of the Republic of Algeria through the ANSEJ procedure, which helps young Algerians to create their own company. Like Mr. Aidaoui, we have other customers in Algeria who have bought our machines through this choice!!
In order to access this financial aid, different stages must be followed:

  1. Contact Nargesa to have a quotation of the machines you want to buy.
  2. Fill in the File that you will find on the ANSEJ website  and present it together with your project
  3. The ANSEJ will request you to present your project to the CSVF Committee
  4. If the project is accepted, you will have "l'éligibité", which means that you will be able to carry out your project
  5. Then you will miss a complementary dossier to obtain your business plan plus the "decision d'octroi d'aventages"
  6. If you obtain all these documents, you will go to the next level, dealing with the Bank to obtain your loan for the amount agreed with the ANSEJ

Like Mr. Aidaoui, many young Algerians can benefit from this aid to create their own business with our quality machines that will help them develop their economic activity and become an Entrepreneur in their country.
Don’t miss this opportunity and get all details from us and the ANSEJ device in your country.
NARGESA will lead you through this process!! 

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Les machines que nous avons acheté avec vous marchent tres bien. Nous sommes satisfait des résultats. Bonne continuation. Voici déjà ...
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