Visit from the Democratic Republic of Congo


This week we have welcomed the manager of the company GLC General Construction in our facilities. He was concerned about knowing where the machines Nargesa are manufactured and he was accompanied by one of his  engineers. They has seen our team of operators and technicians performing live as they are used to doing it. They have come along our 8,000 m2 seeing the different areas of machining lathes and CNC machining centers where the different parts for our machines are manufactured. They also saw the areas of laser cutting and the welding zone, the electronics department where they make the cabinets, the assembly area where all components are assembled and finally they stayed at our show room where they could check the operation of the Nargesa machinery.
They have focused their interest in three of our forging machines, Twisting machine  MT500A, horizontal press brake PP200 and Hydraulic press for locks PI85. They have seen it in operation accompanied by one of our engineers.
We sincerely appreciate your visit and hope that, with these new tools, they can increase their production and their business success.

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Les machines que nous avons acheté avec vous marchent tres bien. Nous sommes satisfait des résultats. Bonne continuation. Voici déjà ...
CÔTE D’IVOIRE - Yao Sylvain Kouakou. Marceau-Gilis de cumont Jean Louis Victo
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