The CEO of Prada Nargesa and one of our commercial technicians have returned today to our headquarters in Spain after their visit to Algiers, Algeria.
We have come back with a very good feeling out of this trip. These days we have met with former clients who have explained how their business evolves, they’ve told us about their current needs and future projects. We have also established new relationships with entrepreneurs, engineers and investors who wish to start or expand their workshops. They have also been able to talk with local businesspeople who have bought their Nargesa industrial machinery in the past, they have explained how they went through the subsidies procedures, how they accessed to loans, how they made the purchase and how their current relationship with our commercial and technical department is.
We hope to return soon to this prosperous region with the desire to visit these new leads we have made at their workshops already equipped with the Nargesa machinery at full performance capacity.
Leading the market and going ahead for more, will become our target for the upcoming times!
Thanks for welcoming us in Algeria!

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