This past 2016 we have received the visit of many of our customers and distributors from all over the world (United States, Ecuador, Argentina, Romania, Chile, India, Russia, Algeria, Saint Lucia, Bolivia...)
They have moved to our facilities to carry out the training with our engineers specialized in the machines that have incorporated to their businesses.
All of them have visited our factory where they see live all the production processes and the showroom where we have exposed all the machines we manufacture. With them and always with the support of a technician, they have tried, manufactured parts, solved doubts and learned the operation of the machines that they wish to acquire.
We invite you to do this training with our team of professionals. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other, share projects and learn from each other.

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We bought Nargesa MT 150,A. it s a great machine with lot of quality tool and we use it in our production. In one word, good , effective and...
CROATIA - Mr Dominik Tkalec. JVM Metalik Director.
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