Dear Employees,

I would like to address to you in order to let you know my sincere thankfulness for the achievements all along the recent years. First of all , realizing that that your effort, understanding and trust in our company have made it possible to achieve all the goals we have set for our growing as a Company.

I will mention all the departments because all of you are part of the success we enjoy today.

R & D Department and Engineering: where the core of our work is born and created and where our main future projects come from.

Technical Department: is the engine that carries out the materialization of each aim, keeping the pace and the order of execution and programming at work.

Department of welding of large structures: it is the beginning of the execution, where each machine begins to be shaped from its most basic elements.

Production and Assembly Department: this is where our product grows and develops, the quality adjustment. The certainty that the final user will be proud of the choice he made.

Department of Electronics and Technology: is the one that gives life to our product by providing it with a nervous system. Using the most innovative procedures at the service of efficiency and reliability.

Graphic and Marketing Department: is the creative touch and digital promotion. With his work we present ourselves to the world and strengthen our presence in digital platforms.

Accounting and Administration Department: it is the thermometer of our finances and the indicator of how we have grown and continue to grow every day.

Commercial Department and After-Sales Service: it is the department that offers, promotes, manages, consolidates the output of our product to the market and looks after our customers.

For all the results we have accomplished, for trusting in the brand and for making the best of you every single day, THANK YOU. YOU ARE THE SUCCESS OF NARGESA!





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