A group of German entrepreneurs has relied on Nargesa to launch its next project. It is a completely equipped forge shop in Morocco, where they have set great expectations for the products they want to offer: ornamental wrought iron pieces of great value in this country.
To start this business, they have  organized a trip to our facilities, where our team of specialized technicians has shown them the operation of some machines and they have been advised also about the models that are more appropriate to the type of pieces they have as target to manufacture. These businessmen  have shown great interest in the section and pipe bending machine MC400, the cold forging twiting  MT500A, hydraulic punching machine MX700, horizontal press brake PP200 and our range of hot wrought forging machines NF70 and PC16 with gas furnace H4 as a complementary item.
It was a pleasant visit and the start of a good trade relationship. We wish them the best  in this new project.

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