Mr. Lanciné is an executive at the company Indigo, specialized in the manufacture and sale of steel structures for construction, in Ivory Coast.
When planning his business trip to our country,  he scheduled a visit to our factory in order to study the live performance and capacity of our industrial machinery for forging.
For the type of pieces that he makes, he has focused his attention in four of our machines for cold deformation of iron: the press brake  MP3003M,  hydraulic shears C3006, the MX340G, universal punching machine and the profiles and pipe bending machine MC400.
His visit has been very fruitful for both parties, Mr. Lanciné has returned home pleased to have seen "in situ" our manufacturing process, operation and the outcome of our machines as well as  the professionalism that our team Nargesa has provided him with. We were able to talk with him and share experiences and concerns about different topics and he’s gone back to his country happy, thankful and hopeful to look forward to opening a good deal with us in a near future.

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