One of the accessories that are available for pipes and profiles bending machines NARGESA, are the rollers for bending round pipes on milld steel or stainless steel.
In this case the request of one of our customers have made in an audiovisual format a video explaining how to properly bend a stainless steel spiral tube. The challenge of this paper lays in the diameter of the spiral as we have dared to minimize it at most. With a stainless ISO of 21.3 mm, 1.5 mm thick and 6 feet long we have doubled this spring with an inner diameter of 130 mm.
Unlike many other market pipe benders, the Bending Nargesa MC400 is asymmetric, non-pyramidal, this allows these springs and snakes with such small diameters. It also has traction in the three rollers, which provides the necessary traction and strength to manufacture countless circular pieces in all kinds of tubes and profiles without damaging the material.
We are pleased to show how our machines behave facing new challenges that we undertake every day.

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