We are very pleased to receive messages from our customers where they inform us about the sorts of jobs they have done.; how hard it has been to carry them out, how they have solved them out... This time Mr. Ouazene Mohammed Cherif from Laghouat (Algeria) sent us a bunch  of photographs of works made by using the Nargesa machinery he has in his workshop. These amazing jobs have fascinated us, so we wanted to share them with all our friends in social networks. We are grateful to Mr. Cherif for showing his work parts and we sincerely congratulate him as well  for these excellent pieces.
We want to encourage all our customers to send us their photographs, explanations, videos... of the work they do with our industrial machinery,  we would upload them onto our networks along with the contact details of the company, so that all the ones concerned about  their work, could easily reach them.
Tel. 00213 661640577

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