We have just finished production of a new series of our 40 Tons MX340G hydraulic punching machines.
Meeting the deadlines, we have got all these equipment ready to undertake the quality tests and to be either served or stored. We will  immediately start the assembly of a new series of MC200 section bending machine and hydraulic bending machines MC200H, at this final stage of assembly of the components.
It is a priority and the central core of Prada Nargesa’s  production system to coordinate all engineers and operators to produce new series of machinery, optimizing the timings to the maximum in an excellent teamwork of all departments.



South Africa

Do you have any representation in South Africa, I like your Hydraulic press and interested in purchasing one,

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We bought Nargesa MT 150,A. it s a great machine with lot of quality tool and we use it in our production. In one word, good , effective and...
CROATIA - Mr Dominik Tkalec. JVM Metalik Director.
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