I have been working for more than 2 years in my forging workshop of Plessisville, Quebec. (Maple Region) with the Nargesa machinery I bought and all my customers are always proud of their products. I have the pleasure to work there because I like these machines, they never breakdown, I have never spent a dollar for their maintenance, they are efficient and made for having a long lasting working life. The only investment I have done on these machines has been to look at the oil level in order to checkup that everything’s normal, and give them a little shampoo to keep them clean like brand new ... I am proud and glad I chose NARGESA for my workshop.
In addition they have an unbeatable technical assistance, every time I asked for an explanation, I had it in the next hour, either verbal on the phone or a written reply by email Mrs. Juana Ponce has always given an outstanding service and impeccable and besides she speaks my language, French ... Thanks Ms. Ponce.
I would advise metal entrepreneurs (SMEs) to do business for their machineries in Nargesa.
Thank you for everything and keep up the good business...
Donald Dupuis / Canada & Cameroon (soon).

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