As we keep on increasing our line of machinery for ornamental cold forging, we have recently  included the new range of machines NOA60 that enables us to emboss and stamp all kinds of designs in different types of flat bars, tube or either steel or aluminum bars. This type of finishes are highly appreciated for countless pieces for railings, fences, railings for stairs, closed areas, gates and doors. This new project, which Nargesa’s team has made every effort to accomplish, is about to see the light. The new iron embossing machine NOA60 has far exceeded all quality tests and it’s ready to enter its mass production. It is to remarked that due to our position as manufacturers of industrial machinery, we can offer our customers the flexibility to produce patterns according to their needs. We hope this new machine Nargesa can develop the services we offer our customers so they can satisfy the increasing demand and offer their users, pieces of incredible beauty and quality.



To know a price

I would like to know the price of iron embossing machine- NOA60 and ur wrought iron machineries

Price NOA 60

I want to now the orice for this machine.
Also, i'm interesting model for pipe:15/15-40/40.

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