Who hasn’t daydreamed about going to The Niagara Falls? In a few days, a small part of our job at Nargesa will be displayed at the look point of this remarkable place.
Our engineers at R&D department have designed and manufactured one tooling to shape these unique scrolls that form that lookout balcony grills. The extreme weather conditions of that place, the former ornamental parts  had been  damaged. The time has come to replace them for a brand new ones with the only condition to be exactly the same as the old ones.
After having been sent a sample pattern to our facilities, we have developed the whole project to create this tooling to be adapted to the Automatic Twisting Machine MT500A, in order to make this beautiful shapes.
A piece of our job will travel more than 4000 miles to become scene mate of such a natural show!


N0A 60

I am interested in the above Rotary Embossing Machine. Do you have a contact in North America ( Canada) ?
Ben Chand.

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