We don’t know any other way to carry out our profession: “Team work splits the job and multiplies results”.
According to this Company culture, we keep on ahead with the production of the Automatic Twisting machines MT500A, which will be ready soon to be the speakers on behalf of our work.
Each one of these machines will travel hundreds or thousands of miles in order to fulfil their aim: be part of the production of parts for the ornamental forging.
With these machines at their working place and at full performance, the team will grow bigger, for all of our customers will be taking part of this group of human resources which is Nargesa.

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“We found that machine we bought ( Nargesa MC400-9) fulfill quality demand for our products...
SWEDEN - Mr Toni Basic. Vigab Verkstadsindustri AB Director.
We guarantee safe, fast and efficient transport.