One of our customers in Algeria has sent us a photo report of his facilities and products he makes with his Nargesa machinery.
Mr. Ahmed Khelladi contacted us so that our sales department would advise him on which of our machines fit perfectly to the jobs he wanted to do. As soon as he received our proposal, he presented to the ANSJ - CNAC together with their business creation project. This department of the Algerian government encourages young entrepreneurs who want to start their business, helping them both economically and technically.
For his recently created workshop for the production of metal furniture, Mr. Khelladi bought a pipe and section bending MC200H, one hydraulic punching and shearing press MX700, a hydraulic shear C2006CNC, a hydraulic sheet folding and bending MP2003M. With these machines he’s ready to satisfy the orders he receives. He can carry out a lot of operations with them, bend all kinds of tubes and profiles, folding, punching, cutting and bending sheets or handrails, pressing, flaring tube and a lot of more jobs. This team of professionals designs and manufactures all kinds of metal products in series or unique pieces.
We congratulate young investors like Mr. Khelladi, and we value they could have the chance to be granted with his Government opportunities in order to carry out his professional project.

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