We set all Nargesa machines at the service of our customers’ creativity. In this case, the MX340 hydraulic punching machine whioch is one of the most versatile machines we manufacture, has been the one through which expert hands are making metal parts out of a metal sheet,  with different shapes to be sold as souvenirs later.
The author of this project is Mr Walter Alfredo Barreto, owner of a workshop in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. This experienced craftsman has found in the MX340 the necessary tool to manufacture these souvenirs that he has designed. Making his originality bloom and with the support of his skillful background, he has created and manufactured different tooling to be adapted to this hydraulic press machine, to conform each one of his little master pieces.
We thank Mr Walter for having sent us this video in to show us how he produces this series of parts and at the same time we congratulate him for his flair.

Walter Barreto
Tel. 0034-676374214

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