The world advances very fast and in Nargesa we move forward with it.
We are aware of the constant transformation of industry and technology and act accordingly. Therefore, we are incorporating improvements, not only in the machines we manufacture, their operation and their accessories, but also in the production systems and processes.
Our factory is the proof of this continued progress, where this last year we have incorporated new machining centers in the production area and new overhead cranes in the warehouse and assembly area. All these improvements imply important changes in the manufacture of the components and the assembly of these.
We believe that in order to continue growing as a brand it is essential: to have our feet in the present to be able to decide, thinking in the future to be able to move forward and look at the past in order to remember.



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Nargesa is a professional company, and they know their work in depth. Their research on their machines is complete, simple and practical. We...
KUWAIT - Mr Habib Kothari. K-Steel Director.
We guarantee safe, fast and efficient transport.