Mr. Karim Zemouche from Algeria has come to our factory to carry out a six-hour training in order to properly handle the machines he has recently purchased, a press brake MP3003M and a section and pipe bending machine MC400. He has been able to see firsthand the easy handling of our Nargesa machinery, reliability and accuracy for folding sheets of different thicknesses and dimensions of our press brake and the ability to bend all kinds of profiles and pipes of various materials showed by our pipe and section bending machine. Besides showing others the right way to work with our machines to obtain the best out of their performance  he has seen our technicians while working on full production of machinery and we've shown him as well the new models to be launched soon. 



We thank M. Zemouche for his visit, we hope to  see him soon in a new training, due to his great concern about some others of our Nargesa machines.​

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Very Much Satisfied with the Products. Goodluck and keep up the Good Job...
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