International Tradeshow of Bogota


We inform all our customers and friends that from  September 29th ‘til October 3rd we’ll be attending to  the International Tradeshow of Bogota (Colombia). Hall 3, Level 1, Stand 117. 

It is a great opportunity to show live performances of some of our more successful and settled machines on the market. This is the case of pipes and profiles formers on their different versions 2 or 3 traction rollers and their great capacity to adapt to a long list of profiles and materials. There can also be seen the versatility of the Twisting Machine MT150A by means of which countless wrought ornamental pieces can be obtained, quickly and effortlessly. From our range of press brakes, customers will be able to see the great competition of the newest addition to this type of machinery, MP1400M. Finally, hydraulic punching MX340G  will display its great potential and versatility of functions such as pressing, bending, cutting, punching, stamping and a lot more. 

Right from the Fairground our team along with Metaltools (Nargesa’s dealer in Colombia) will assist  every customer in their projects to undertake together their business success.

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