Constant training of Nargesa’s Authorized Dealers in a number of countries worldwide, is definitely one of the main brand requirements.
That is the reason why the company KACHEMVO SA DE CV, representative of Nargesa in Mexico, brings its professionals to our facilities in Spain in order to have full training. The last visit we had was Mrs Tania Ceceña, Sales Manager who has been fully trained and assisted  by our sales technicians and engineers.
Mrs Ceceña has been taught about  the performance of all machines and their accessories, she has seen  many pieces made, at the same time that she has gone deeper on technical issues concerning mechanics, hydraulics and electronic. She has even been able to make some pieces on her own.
Way back in Metepec (Mexico) and willing to convey everything she’s learned to the customers, we would like to thank her for the time shared  with us, the passion  she puts in his work and for being so energetic and hard working.

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