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We want to share with our customers and friends one of the principles that makes Prada Nargesa be among the leading brands at industrial machinery manufacturers for forging, that is to have a stock of our products and accessories. 
It is very important for us to be able to have this stock in order to provide our customer with a better service, faster and more efficient. Within this dynamic working, we are currently producing four models of different machines simultaneously right in our facilities. 
Hydraulic guillotine-shears-C2006 that are already on their final stages of production. The hot forging centers NF70 and its several tooling will soon be available on catalog ready for all kinds of ornamental wrought iron pieces. The horizontal presses PP200 which started the assembling process a week ago, will be also ready with its wide catalog of accessories for bending, cutting, cold forming, extending, bending, pressing, assembling ... And last but not least, the pipe  bending machine MC200 which  has been started this week,  will soon be ready for bending steel, aluminum or stainless steel in various circular shapes. 
With all the well planned timings  and our specialized technicians, we feel proud to accomplish our everyday goals on quality and innovation.

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