In Nargesa, we believe that the future depends on young people. That’s why we have offered during this summer practical training to 4 persons. Ivana and Thais, students of Administrative and Financial Management International Trade Course was offered by SOC (Catalan Employment Service). They have managed the export documentation and internships in the export department conducting research for new distributors in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and Uruguay. Albert and Gerard, students of mechanical and electrical engineering in UDG (University of Girona), have done practicums in the engineering department of R & D to bring new ideas and working on the development of prototypes.
NARGESA’s team gives our heartfelt thanks and best wishes for luck in their future careers!
L’an passé après avoir vendu ma compagnie de télécom me demandais quoi faire et j’ai eu l’idée de retourner à mes ...
CANADA - Donald Dupuis Président ferronnier Les Forges du Roi Inc.
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