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This virtual site has been created for all our customers to be able to show the world their work pieces made with our Nargesa machines, so all people who are interested on them could directly contact you.

This idea we are suggesting will be really profitable for your business since we get to have hundreds of visitors in our site They sometimes request information of our customers in order to carry out a specific job, according to the region they live in or the kind of machine they have. For a picture may worth a thousand words, we just feel like encouraging all Nargesa’s customers to use this free-ad site to advertise all their jobs done by using our machinery, along with their information so the whole world can find them and contact them.

Fill up well all blank spaces on this form and bear in mind that the more info you provide us with, the easier it will be to contact you for those who are concerned about your job. Describe the pieces you have carried out with the machines Nargesa, mention the model and the parts you make so the text could be as much interesting. Pictures supporting the text are essential so other people could value your work. Adjoin your company logo or picture to complete all information. As our team has viewed all the content you want to share, we’ll publish it in our website so other users can find it. You may use your own language for the information will be addressed to the users in your country. It is the simplest and more practical way to publicize your business and the workpieces you’ve made with the machines Nargesa. 

Prada Nargesa
Ctra. de Garrigàs a Sant Miquel s/n
17476 Palau de Santa Eulàlia
(Girona) Spain

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