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Gas Forges H1

Furnace for Artistic Forging H1 NARGESA, fabricated with only one burner to heat up iron  and allow its moulding, bending, piercing , welding and treatment...

Propane Gas Forge H1 NARGESA, was designed to heat steel parts. It 's used  in blacksmith workshops for ornamental forge, moulding iron up to achieving the desired shapes end forging, horseshoeing, treatment of parts... It is a good substitute for the ancient Forge.

Technical features

Gas Forge Nargesa H1 has got only one burner.

  • Working temperature, 1300ºC.
  • Adjustable pressure from 0,5 to 2 Bar.
  • Maximum consumption 1 Kg/h. per burner (x1).
  • Propane gas supply.
  • Combustion chamber isolated by ceramic fibre and refractory brick.
  • Useful inner cavity: 140 mm width x 100 mm height and 210 mm depth.
  • Removable back door to heat up steel bars in the middle.
  • Maximum capacity Ø 80 mm.

Main advantages of using a propane gas furnace instead of a conventional carbon forge:

  • Fast reaching of working temperature.
  • It's clean and it does not produce harmful emisions for health.
  • Easy ignition.
  • Possibility of moving it to the working site: Eg. Horseshoeing.

Safety components:

  • Pressure reducer between the tank and the supply hose.
  • Flame check valve.
  • Thermal device valve: It cancels the gas supply in case of detecting anomaly.
  • Adjustable safety metal screen at the front part. It allows dodging any metal projections that might occur.
  • All components are standard and easy to get at any shop or harware store.
  • Furnace Nargesa H1 is delivered completely mounted.
  • It's packed in a 3-layered cardboard box, suitable for sea freight.
  • Optional: Wooden Packaging NIMF15.

Its simplicity, dimensions, easy ignition and fast reaching of optimum working temperature, make it a very versatile furnace.
Forging furnaces H1, H2 and  H4 are according to the European directives and regulation of manufacturing. CE


Samples of jobs done with Gas Forges H1


All propane forging furnaces Nargesa H1, H2 and H4 have a back removable door which enables heating steel bars in the middle.
It allows and eases the job with long dimensions parts.

Use Nargesa gas forges for all kind of ornamental forging, to make horseshoes,  roll up the snail forged shaped, iron mold, endtreatment of parts...
You may combine both, Nargesa Furnaces and Power hammers MP50 and MP60 and End Hot Forging Machines NF70 and PC16, to achieve  a lot of ornamental shapes with  minimum effort and maximum speed.

Dimensions of the machine OLD Gas Forges H1 Nargesa

Dimensions of the machine: 340x340x300 mm.

Weight: 14 Kg.

Tariff Item Code:  84178080

Other Features:

  • Upper handle to transport it easily to the working site or storage.
  • The machine is delivered completely mounted.
Characteristics of the packaging OLD Gas Forges H1 Nargesa

Nº Pallets: 1.

Width: 350 mm.

Length: 350 mm.

Height: 420 mm.

Volume: 0,06 m3

Nett weight: 14 Kg.

Gross weight: 15 Kg.

Tariff Item Code:  84178080

Other Features:


  • The Machine is delivered completely mounted.
  • Packaging with 3-layered cardboard box, suitable for sea freight.
  • Optional: Complete wooden packaging NIMF15.

Uses of the machine: OLD Gas Forges H1

Propane forging furnace  H1 NARGESA, was designed to heat up steel parts. It is used in ornamental forging at blacksmith workshops to mould iron until reaching the desired shape, to make end forging, fabricate horseshoes, for the treatment of metal parts... It is a good substitute for the conventional forging.