We were honoured to welcome the visit of Mr. Albert Solano, sales director of the United States Quantum Machinery Group at our facilities.
One year after his first visit, we have had Mr. Solano in our plant and this time he has been accompanied by Mr. Michele, to carry out a specialized training on all the industrial machinery they deal with from our manufacturing. One of the engineers of the Nargesa team has been  guiding them throughout  this training, indicating all the most technical specifications of operation, maintenance, programming... and he has answered every inquiry  so that they can continue to give the best service, with all the knowledge concerning the machines and the production processes of one of the brands they stand for.
We once more endorse our business relations with the Western USA, with the certainty that Quantum Machinery Group is representing in a professional and expert way the brand and name of Nargesa.
We keep on growing together!


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