New baskets tooling!!!

We have designed a new tooling for our twisting machines MT150R, MT150A and MT500A to make forging baskets in square and round bars.
This one is a new tooling which allows to make the baskets  in a very easy way and with great quality. It's by means of a traction system that shrinks the basket at the fabrication time and it makes the finish to be beautifully achieved.
The works can be in different  shapes and kinds of section material. This tooling will be on sale from June on at any of our delegations. It can be fit into any of the twisting machines formerly manufactured by Nargesa.
Nos parece una máquina de excelente calidad y con un precio insuperable; consideramos esto como una muy buena adquisición. El servicio ...
CHILE - Iván Acuña Iturriaga Brand Manager de Teka Chile S.A.
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