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In Prada Nargesa, we want to make you be part of the movements that are taking place in our Company, either internally or internationally. All relevant events will be published so we can share our success with those who help us achieve it. 

LATEST NEWS! NF70 machine for hot forge of bar extremes...


LATEST NEWS! Before the great demand of our customers, our NF70 will be launched into market soon. It is a machine for hot forge of bar extremes like duck tail, flat ends, arrow shapes, ribbed ends...  It makes a perfect job in all starting scrolls. It forges bar extremes into different shapes. It smashes the central zones of balausters with different drawings. It enables, eases up and improves the forging work. Its release into market is estimated to be by late August 2012.

Lecture held by the Manager of Prada Nargesa


"Starting Lesson 2011. As it's being traditional, last Tuesday September 13th we attended the starting lesson for the official school year 2011-2012. Before an audience composed by post-compulsory studies pupils, the young businessman from Garrigas, David Prada, Manager of PRADA NARGESA, insisted on the necessity to achieve a good formation in order to face with guarantees the great adventure professional world comprises, mainly in these times of crisis,"


Merci Beaucoup J'ai bien recu la machine avec tout les accessoires demander. Un grand merci a vous et tout votre equipe c'est avec un grand...
ILE MAURICE - Alain Townsend. Le gérant de la société BRY TOWNSEND ENTERPRISE Ltd
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